Tuesday, January 3, 2012

experiment #1: red velvet petite cupcakes and cakesicles

made an attempt to bake red velvet for dearest boonch, such a sweet tooth he has.. personally i am not a fan of red velvet.. too sweet for my taste.

nevertheless, i tried and the result was not really satisfying.. true to what sane people say, don't do things you don't like.. at first, me being experimental, i tried making petite cupcakes, (sadly i don't have pictures, i was in a rush to go some place else), one thing you have to know about red velvet, it takes a looooonnnggg time to bake. at least with the recipe that i used, n the same recipe gave me more of a chocolate cake rather than a red velvet..2 trays of 16 petite cupcakes took about half and hour to bake, maybe it was the gas oven, (i really need to get myself an electric oven), at the rate i was going, i didn't see how i could have finish baking in time, so i took out my star shaped pan and poured the batter in, still there was some left hmmm, that pan took almost 2 hours to be done.. finally thank God that the cupcake tray could fit the small toaster oven so i baked the rest in the oven, it took me 15 mins to bake each tray of 16 cupcakes.. sigh.. the cream cheese frosting was a disaster, that i don't blame the recipe, but the weather, i couldn't expect more from Malaysian weather, my frosting was runny, it tasted quite nice tho..
the commotion didn;t end here, when i was taking out the cake from the star pan, (i've waited 15 mins but i guess that wasn't long enough) the cake broke! i was mentally tired, i grabbed i bowl dump the cake in it and started mashing, next thing i know i had my hands in plastic gloves, poured a lavish portion of the cream cheese frosting and mixed them.. i made cake pops!!! or cake balls.. i was to lazy to even decorate them so i just roll them in the frosting and lay them nicely in a container.. they seriously look like a bunch of super jumbo sized fish eggs... haha come to think of it again, they look exactly like turtle eggs!.. mommy n sisters like them..

i will try again but perhaps with a different recipe and when i have a proper oven.. sorry i rambled and sorry i don't have any pictures to show.. hope the words could more or less describe the experience...  :)

nadiah =)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

a saucy butter cake. :P

sweet smell from the kitchen.

*the fluffy batter*
*mmmm :P*
*done! kentucky butter cake with sauce*

  nadiah =)

carrot walnut cake. finger licking good! XD

*carrot walnut cake, double layer, with lemon icing*

*carrot walnut cake, single layer, with chocolate fudge*

recipes: carrot walnut cake
lemon icing

nadiah =)